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Monday, December 5, 2022

Twitter Coin: app code suggests a new token may be coming, Dogecoin rallies

 Twitter may be soon getting its own cryptocurrency, with code recently published by the company showing “Twitter Coin” illustrations and a “coin” payment category.

Tweets posted by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong suggest that Twitter may be about to launch its own cryptocurrency. In one now-deleted tweet still available on Google’s cache, we can see an icon portraying a coin with Twitter’s logo with filename “IconTwitterCoin.svg.”

The code is part of Twitter’s updated web application dedicated to tipping on the platform. Wong explained that there are no indications “as to what “twitter tips” and “twitter coin” are, with nothing indicating any relation to Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogecoin was long rumored to be headed towards a Twitter integration ever since talks about Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform started circulating. The tech tycoon himself suggested that the coin may become internet’s native currency and used to describe himself “Dogecoin CEO” on Twitter.

Despite no indication that Dogecoin is actually being integrated into Twitter, the coin sharply rallied earlier today only to sharply fall shortly thereafter. The price increased by 6.45% from $0.1039 to a high of $0.1106 within minutes only to fall down to $0.1062 shortly afterwards.

Twitter’s tipping feature has not rolled out yet, and we may not learn much more about it until it is released. The “Twitter Coin” is be a part of it that appears to be currently planned but may never actually see the light of day.

Wong’s Twitter profile is no longer available. According to a post she published on Macaw — an open source Twitter alternative powered by Mastodon — she decided to deactivate her account by herself. She wrote:

“Since the takeover, I’ve been getting an increased amount of casual racism and sexual harassments on the bird site.”

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